BAM! This Is How You Use Sales Copy Inside Your Product…

First, a confession

I have a confession.

I’m a sales copywriting geek. There, I’ve said it.  

When I find good examples of sales copy, and when it’s used in clever places, I want to share them with you.  

In a previous post about Apple, we looked at how sales copy can be used within software to encourage certain behaviour (to encourage a software update). In this post we’ll look at how TransferWise (a UK-based money transfer service) is using sales copy in their mobile app to encourage product use.

Before looking at how TransferWise uses sales copy in their app, let’s first understand why they’re using it, and what problem they’re trying to solve.

The Massive Problem App Makers Face

If you had to guess what percentage of mobile apps are downloaded, but never used, what would you guess that number is?

50%? Higher? Lower?

It’s unclear what the exact number is, but estimates range from 60%84%.

Sure, having great copy can encourage downloads (and giving away a free app eliminates a potential objection). But this alone only helps an app maker to address one stage of their problem.

Obviously the challenge which mobile app makers need to resolve is how to influence usage (both initial usage and re-engagement).

So once an app is download, how can you try to influence your user’s behaviour?

Using Sales Copy In Your App

I can hear you jumping out of your chair shouting “I knew it!”.

Yes, mobile app maker should use sales copy in their app to help address this challenge of initial product usage.

Here’s an example of how a dash of sales copy can be used within an app to encourage someone to start using it once downloaded.

To make this point really clear, the sales copy is shown before the user has either registered or logged in.

Here’s what you see once you’ve downloaded, installed and opened the TransferWise app on your smartphone:


The sales copy entices the reader by making them feel they’ll get something they won’t get elsewhere (the ‘real exchange rate’). This speaks to the psychological trigger of exclusivity – only by using TransferWise can you get the real exchange rate. By stating it’s “the cheapest way to send money abroad” it also speaks to a psychological trigger many of us have, that we like to feel we’re getting a deal.

So far so good.

At this stage, if you already have a login, you can enter it here. If you don’t yet have a login, you can register from this initial screen.

But if you’re still not quite sure about this whole TransferWise-app-thingy, you’re given the option to swipe through a few screens for more information.

Swiping to the next screen, of course, there’s more sales copy:


“90% cheaper than my bank, eh?” (I’m Canadian, we say ‘eh’ a lot. You probably knew that).  

Again, a dusting of sales copy to convince the user they should use TransferWise. Who can argue with discounts like that? Why would someone choose to pay more from their bank?

Swiping the screen again, we see still more sales copy:


Some social proof. High ratings from independent reviews. You think to yourself “…that many people can’t be wrong!”.

This copy aims to provide reassurance of safety. Lots of people are already using it, so it’s therefore safe for you, too.

Last but not least, one more swipe and we see the final screen in the series:



A pinch of benefits. Faster and easier – who can argue with that?

And if that wasn’t enough, they sucker punch us (in a good way) with some more credibility: from the people who built Skype.

This sort of sales copy does a great job of moving someone closer to registering to become a customer. When they select the register button, they come to this screen:

IMG_0152 copy

Wow – “Join the revolution”. TransferWise is talking about being part of something bigger. Which touches on another psychological trigger we all have. The need to belong. To be part of a tribe.

What This Means For Your Business

You might be thinking “…but my company doesn’t have an app.”

Whether you have an app or not isn’t really the point.

It’s about having a mindset of looking for every conceivable place you can use sales copy. Using it to connect your product or service to your ideal target customer.

With this very simple approach, TransferWise has infused sales copy into their product to encourage more people to use it after they’ve downloaded it.

If your company offers a mobile app, are you doing something similar? If so, how has it affected your product usage? If you’re not currently using sales copy in your app this way, why not (and do you plan to use it)?

And for those of you who don’t offer an app – could you think of 5 new places you could better leverage sales copy in your business? If so, how would you use it?

If you’re stuck for ideas, or want to get feedback on the ideas you’ve come up with, feel free to contact me.

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Eric Moeller

Eric Moeller is the Managing Director of Copy Dojo, an agency which helps startups improve their sales copywriting to rapidly grow their business. He has two decades of experience in high tech marketing and product management. Eric has an MBA in marketing, and completed Seth Godin's altMBA in the summer of 2015.

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