Who does Copy Dojo work with?

Copy Dojo helps clients from a variety of industries - from startups, to large software companies, finance companies, business services firms, to charities and much more. These clients share a common desire for growth and to make a difference.

When choosing a partner to work with, you want someone you can trust. Someone you like. Someone who listens to what you want. Someone who can help you see things you may not see. Someone who can help you achieve things faster, and to break through challenges you’re facing.

When you choose Copy Dojo, we become an extended part of your team.

We work tirelessly to delight you and exceed the results you want.

Below is a sample of clients we’ve had the pleasure to work with, and how we've helped them.  

“Copy Dojo’s customer focused content helped us grow our email list by 1,000% within two quarters. If your start-up needs help quickly gaining visibility, you’d be wise to get their help. They can help you quickly raise awareness to your company and offerings.”

- Hubert d’Hondt, VP Services, SAP

“With Copy Dojo’s recommendations we were able to significantly improve our online salesas well as our marketing performance across channels. I would recommend him to any startup for marketing and growth hacking”

- Johan Lorenzen, CEO, Holvi

“In a word, their work has been phenomenal. We've seen an immediate increase in customer conversions and a decrease in bounce rates on our website. I highly recommend Copy Dojo and will most certainly engage them again for our future copywriting needs."

- Deryk Clark, Director of Marketing, Zenbanx

"Copy Dojo has provided us with invaluable insights to improve our sales copy and refine our overall communications strategy. They were able to quickly understand our vision and mission, carefully guide us in the development of our web copy, and judiciously polish our messaging and language. Any enterprise, big or small, would benefit from their expertise."

- Jon Lebensold, Co-founder, Paradem

"Copy Dojo could not be any easier to work with. We are almost half a world away but their flexibility and responsiveness is impressive. We recommend Copy Dojo, not only for their ability to come up to speed and become productive with meaningful content very quickly but also for how incredibly easy they are to work with. Eric and team have decades of marketing experience ... there isn't a lot of need to provide exhaustive background and painful details - they just seem to understand what needs to get done, and get to it.

- Paul Hetherington, Chief Revenue Officer, iCompass Technologies

“Copy Dojo…helped radically improve our sales copy to reach new customers. Copy Dojo quickly understood our business model and helped to improve our message so we could get the attention of prospective customers and investors. Every startup would benefit from their expertise. Highly recommended."

- Vaidas Adomauskas, Founder & CEO, WoraPay

“Copy Dojo are able to explain sales copywriting as a science, rather than a dark art. They were a huge help in rewording the value proposition for Delio. Already we're finding thatmore people understand the benefits of our product. We expect even greater results when we apply the same techniques to our website. Thanks!"

- Steve Talbot, CTO, Delio

“Copy Dojo were vey detailed oriented with very valuable experience. They helped us improve our platform's content and improve our sales copy overall."

- Ahmed Wadi, Founder & CEO, MoneyFellows

Eric's strategic thinking behind his sales copy has been very valuable for us during our rapid phase of growth. His experience was clear from our first conversation. I'm glad we chose Copy Dojo to review and improve our messaging, which I believe will pay huge dividends and increase conversions."

-Edwin Onggo, Founder & CEO, GiggedIn