How to Target an Audience and Get Their Attention

Sometimes you encounter sales copy which is short, to the point and just gets the job done.  

I recently saw this sales copy on an office window in London:

How to Target an Audience and Get Their Attention

This sales copy speaks directly to the target audience – their wants and fears, and tells them what to do next.

What Did They Do Well?

While it may not be the most elegant piece of sales copy, they’ve done a few things well:

  1. They’ve spoken directly to their target audience, using the word ‘you’.
  2. They’ve targeted a specific audience with a specific set of wants and fears.
  3. They’ve addressed the pain and fear the prospect is likely experiencing.
  4. They’ve used a conversational tone of voice.
  5. They end with a clear call to action.

What Could’ve Been Improved?

Leaving the aesthetics aside, I’ll just make one comment about the copy.

If someone was driving by in a car or a bus, it’d be helpful to have a phone number or URL posted on the window as well.

You could make minor adjustments to the wording, but it largely does the job. Don’t you think?

And Now Over to You:

Are there places you’re not yet leveraging your sales copy? Are there ways you could better speak to your customer’s pains or fears?

I’d love to hear what you’re working on. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you’re finding challenging.

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Eric Moeller

Eric Moeller is the Managing Director of Copy Dojo, an agency which helps startups improve their sales copywriting to rapidly grow their business. He has two decades of experience in high tech marketing and product management. Eric has an MBA in marketing, and completed Seth Godin's altMBA in the summer of 2015.

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