Startups: This is What Killer Sales Copy Looks Like

Is your company a startup or a challenger brand?

Are you looking for ways to do hand to hand combat (figuratively speaking, of course) with larger, better funded, more established players?

If your company has a great product or service, the sales copy you use can be like pouring fuel on a flame.

Your sales copy can better connect your offering to the pain and desires of your customer. Your sales copy can highlight what makes your offering unique.

In this post, we’ll look at TransferWise, a UK-based money transfer service effectively using sales copy to communicate with its customers’ pains and desires.

[For a look at how TransferWise uses sales copy inside their product, click here.]

As we look at the sales copy TransferWise uses on their site, consider how many of these strategies and tactics you’re using on your site.

TransferWise sets the tone from the start with their headline, highlighting aspirational benefits. If you use their service, you too can be clever and outsmart your bank.

The sales copy also agitates the pain prospective customers feel and then outlines benefits they could expect if they used TransferWise.

As you’ll see throughout their sales copy, TransferWise focuses a lot on building their credibility in order to build trust.

TransferWise sales copy.001

Not only does TransferWise continue to emphasise benefits, they also offer the opportunity to be smarter than the banks (and let’s be honest, who really likes banks?).

TransferWise sales copy.002

Can you ever have too many testimonials? Not if they say the right things, appear to be genuine and credible. And TransferWise has loads of testimonials to share on their site:

TransferWise sales copy.003

And still, more testimonials and independent ratings and reviews:

TransferWise sales copy.004

Again, we can see they want you (the prospect) to feel in control and appreciated.

Scrolling down the page, they make a bold statement (will anyone dispute it?) and then effectively distances themselves from the crowd that people dislike (the banks).

TransferWise sales copy.005

If the reader has seen enough, they can click on the call to action button. If they still want more, TransferWise dishes up some more impressive social proof:

TransferWise sales copy.006

Further down on the page, we can see that they’re just like us:

TransferWise sales copy.007

By this point on the page, you’re either in, or you’ve already left their site. As we’re reached the bottom of the site, they deliver another call to action to get their app:

TransferWise sales copy.008

Final thoughts:

The approach used by TransferWise isn’t the only approach your startup could take.

But it certainly provides ideas how to speak to your customer’s specific frustrations and desires and simplify your content.

My question for you is how can you take some of these ideas and apply the to your company?

Do you dig deeply in your customer’s pain, and their desires? Do you know what your customer desires?

Does your sales copy leverage a lot of testimonials, and other social proof? Have you kept your content simple for your prospective customer?

Hope this post gives you some actionable ideas. As always, if you need help getting started, feel free to contact me.

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Eric Moeller

Eric Moeller is the Managing Director of Copy Dojo, an agency which helps startups improve their sales copywriting to rapidly grow their business. He has two decades of experience in high tech marketing and product management. Eric has an MBA in marketing, and completed Seth Godin's altMBA in the summer of 2015.

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