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Here are some blog posts you will find useful to learn more about specific aspects of sales copywriting.

Completely new to sales copywriting? Read 9 Tips to Write Sales Copy Like a ProJonathan Steffen

Want to know the single biggest change you can make to improve your sales copywriting? Read Avoid This Mistake With Your Sales Copy.

Do you find it difficult to write headlines which get attention? I recommend Want to write better sales headlines?.

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If you want to figure out how to speak to your customer’s desire, check out Do You Know What Your Customer Desires?, the psychological trigger section of Develop your copywriting mindset  and 7 psychological triggers used in Viral Nova headlines.

If Social Media is your thing, definitely read Sales copywriting for social media… without being too salesy and Have you seen this copywriting mistake on Twitter? to look at how you can use sales copywriting effectively for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, etc.


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