Training Offerings

Who's Your Copywriting Ninja?

So - you want to build your own team of ninjas….  A smart move.

Leading businesses and brands don’t leave sales copy to chance, nor should you.

Effective sales copy can help your business attract new prospective customers, forge stronger relationships with existing ones, and get them buying and using your product or service more regularly.

Many successful entrepreneurs point to sales copywriting as one of their secret weapons, and the skill which has enabled them to build their businesses quickly.

If you’ve ever wanted to possess these superpowers, there’s good news. With the right training, learning how to write effective sales copy can be quick and easy.

When you choose training from Copy Dojo you and your team will learn how to:

  • Write effective headlines that get attention, speak to self-interest and arouse curiosity
  • Speak directly to your prospects wants, needs and desire
  • Present your solution to the customer’s problem, and how it will solve it
  • Build credibility and trust using testimonials and other forms of social proof
  • Help your customer imagine themselves enjoying the benefits of your offering
  • Write simply and clearly to make your sales copy more effective
  • Create calls to action which are clear, concise and compelling
  • And much more...


Your sales copywriting training session can be delivered online or in-person. The typical length of training is either a half day or full day.

This won’t be death by PowerPoint (and besides, we use Keynote) - it’ll be an interactive workshop. Everyone gets to contribute and collaborate to further their learning. Lots of working on content and addressing questions so your team develops a solid understanding they can apply right away.

By the end of the training session, your team will have gained more confident writing effective sales copy.

These training sessions are for teams that are serious about accelerating their sales copywriting training because they want to put it to use know on their website, for landing pages, email marketing campaigns, anywhere they use words.

For more information about how you can have a training session scheduled for your team, please contact Copy Dojo today.