Coaching Services

Have you ever been stuck?

I know I have.

There are times in life when we can move things forward with our persistence and motivation. But then there are times we need some help. Maybe we need someone to remind us of what’s already going well. Or someone to help make other suggestions and help us see things we can’t see.

How could coaching help grow your business?

A coach can help you achieve things you previously hadn’t thought possible.

They offer new perspectives and ideas. They can hold you accountable if you’re trying to level up professionally and grow your business.   

A coach takes the time needed to understand you, to empathise with what you’re going through, and help you achieve bigger and better things.  

I’ve helped clients clarify and improve their business and marketing strategies.

I’ve also coached clients how to improve their sales copy to increase their conversion rates.

I’ve even helped clients who want to focus on their mindset and pushing past self-limiting beliefs which have prevented them from achieving their business goals.

Coaching sessions are conducted via phone or web conferencing and last one hour. The sessions are flexible, according to what you need. It could be a one-off coaching session for feedback, or regular recurring sessions to stay on track and have accountability.

When coaching is working, you achieve more, and you learn to spot self imposed boundaries and constraints. With this new insight, you’re able to push your business further to new levels of success.   

Here's feedback from a client:

I cannot recommend Eric highly enough. He takes time to really understand what you want to achieve, and balances encouragement with challenge in a way to enables you to go further. He pays attention to both the big picture and the detail and and his support is generous and thoughtful.

Helen Sanderson, Chief Executive

This service is for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders who want to level up. If you’re serious about pushing yourself and your business further, this service is right for you.  

I guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results you achieve.

Contact Copy Dojo for a no obligation call to discuss your needs and how coaching can help.