Should You Outsource Your Sales Copy?

A Q&A with Jon Lebensold, Co-Founder of Paradem

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Paradem is a different kind of software company that wanted to stand out in a crowded market, filled with low-cost, low-quality service providers.

We chatted with Jon, Paradem’s co-founder, about how Paradem leveraged the power of great sales copy in their new site. And in the interest of disclosure, Paradem was a coaching client of Copy Dojo. We wanted to share their experiences as they did a fantastic job writing their own sales copy while receiving copywriting coaching support.

Here’s what you can learn from Paradem’s experience.

  • How you can benefit from developing a content framework that engages your customer, which can be refined as needed.

  • How Paradem tackled the challenge of defining who they are, what they offer and what makes them different.

  • How to promote yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Eric: Can you describe the approach you used to write your new sales copy?

Jon: We are comfortable with applying a systematic process to writing code, but we didn’t know how to be systematic in our sales copy. We lacked an approach to guide our delivery, so I felt we were writing and re-writing the same thing. By developing a content framework, we’ve started to develop a backbone for our overall message

Eric: Tell me more about the content framework you used - what was it?

Jon: We began by answering a few questions on the expected outcomes of our copy - why we needed to write anything in the first place and who we were speaking to.

We then dove deeper into needs, wants and desires and tried to qualify the context in which we were trying to engage our customer. We also explored the customer’s fears and problems, the features of our offering, and the benefits they could expect.

Then we took a step further and identified goals for measuring the quality of the copy. We did this at the outset so that our team had a common benchmark for measuring our success. This kept us away from individual opinions and helped us leverage input from everyone. At the same time, you helped us with a few key pointers, such as the importance of testimonials, constantly asking why, and keeping things as simple as possible.

Eric: You've mentioned a very powerful question -  'why'? What would you say to people who aren't convinced of the importance of planning before they write their sales copy?

Jon: Our initial website was very limited [before Copy Dojo]. I wrote it on a train from Toronto to Montreal the year we founded the company. At a certain point, we recognized that there was so much more we could do, however we decided to keep a backlog and launch with what we had. I knew sales copy was important, but I didn’t have a real appreciation for the art behind it. I think it’s kind of like eating a fancy restaurant – until you’ve tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Eric: That's a great point about the importance of customer feedback. Often the words and phrases they share with you can become great content to use in your sales copy.

What challenges did your team encounter when you started writing your content? What was the hardest part about writing the new website content?

Jon: I think the hardest part was explaining what we do. It’s easy to say that we’re a software consultancy, a dev shop, or a product development team but really, those are just outcomes of a broader vision of collaboration with our customers. I didn’t want us to end up in a matrix next to a bunch of inexpensive, low quality outsourcing companies.

Eric: What aspect of the new Paradem site are you most proud of?

Jon: I’m happy to hear from the people we featured on our website. They were excited about associating their brand with ours in the mini case studies.

Eric: That's certainly a great way to build even stronger relationships with some of your best customers. What are your specific goals with your updated sales copy and website?

Jon: Before embarking on the copywriting process, we asked why we even cared about our website. We decided that in order to grow our business beyond our current network, we needed a website that contacts and clients would feel comfortable sharing. We knew this was a cost-effective way of building new relationships.

The “share ability” of the company’s website is a building block in developing content and promoting ourselves as thought leaders in early-stage product development. The goal is a larger network of people that we connect with informally and a larger base of small and medium sized contracts.

We wanted to emphasize that we’re a company that takes on projects as a team. We deliver higher quality outcomes because of our diverse skill set.

Eric: It shows that Paradem is in it for "the long haul" - it's about building long term relationships.

I have one last question. Based on your experiences, what advice would you have for other small businesses looking to dramatically improve their website sales copy?

Jon: It’s important to get expert advice because all the goodwill in the world can’t replace technical skill and experience. However, do not do any wholesale outsourcing of your sales copy. Sales copy should reflect the heart of the business. In our case, we were able to do a lot of soul-searching and I think the copy is unique, honest and approachable as a result.

Unique, honest and approachable - isn’t that what we all want from our sales copy? Great content marketing makes you happy and comfortable. And that’s exactly what Paradem have achieved with their new site.

Here’s what we hope you’ve learned from this.

  • Planning might take time to develop but once it’s in place, it makes the writing process easier, and the content more effective.

  • Testimonials are a great way to build credibility and trust, as well as stronger relationships with your existing clients.

  • Sales copy must reflect the true marrow of your company and be written with a clear insight of your vision and customer.


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