Use Hypnotic Writing to Improve Your Sales Copy

Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

I recently read Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words by Joe Vitale and felt it is important to

Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

share with you. This book was a quick and enjoyable read, and I highly recommend you read it. Many amazing ideas are presented, which I have summarized in this post, which you can apply to your business today.

What is Hypnotic Writing?

That’s a good place to start. What is it? We’ve all heard of hypnosis, but what exactly is hypnotic writing?

Very simply, it’s a style of writing which helps you get and hold your reader’s attention, which makes you a better communicator.

To be hypnotic, the writing needs to be clear, concise and use emotion to increase its effectiveness. The result is that it’s difficult for your reader to put down. It leaves them remembering what you communicated, and gets them to take action on what you’ve asked them to do.

Hypnotic writing is intentionally using words to guide people into a focused mental state where they are inclined to buy your product or service.” - Joe Vitale

Hypnotic writing also requires you to let go of your ego, and instead focus on your reader’s ego.

Create Intimacy with Your Reader

People buy from people they like. Therefore, you first need to build rapport with your reader to get them to like, and ultimately trust you. You can’t fake this, it has to be genuine. Once you create this intimate relationship with your reader, sales flow more easily.

When trying to connect with your reader you need to remember that their mind is somewhere else. It’s not with you and your sales message. If you want to connect with your reader you have to go into their mind, where they are.

The two basic motivators for all people are pleasure and pain, and you need to decide which to focus on with your sales copy.

When writing ask yourself ‘what does the reader want?’ and then focus on that in your writing. This is how you build rapport and communicate more effectively with them.

Understanding what your readers care about puts you in a position of power.

The Power of Embedded Commands

Hypnotic writing often uses something called embedded commands which subtly instruct the reader to do something, or tell them how they will feel once using the product. Here are a few simple examples to illustrate:

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A technique often used with embedded commands is several statements are placed before the embedded command which are easy for the reader to agree with. This places the reader’s mind at ease before encountering your embedded command.

Common Techniques Used in Hypnotic Writing

Here are more techniques which are used in hypnotic writing:

  • Repetition to install suggestions in the reader’s mind
  • Excitement and emotion to better connect with the reader
  • Descriptive words to create a mental picture to communicate emotion, and telling the reader what they will see, hear and taste and how they will feel
  • Specific numbers and data to increase credibility and believability
  • Raising objections (e.g. ‘Hard to believe?’) and addressing them for the reader

Hypnotic words or phrases

Here are some hypnotic phrases you can try using in your sales copy:

  • “As you read this…”
  • “Can you imagine…”
  • “Just picture / imagine…”
  • “Remember when…”
  • “Wouldn’t be amazing if…”
  • “See yourself…”


These get your reader imagining themselves using the product and realizing the benefits. Just imagine the impact this will have in growing your business (sorry, I couldn’t resist using one myself).

A way to increase trust with your reader is to get them to agree with some of your statements. Here are a few approaches you could use:

  • “You probably already know…”
  • “You’re intelligent enough to know…”
  • “Everyone knows…”
  • “You probably already know this…”

Plan Before You Write

Before writing, make sure you know what it is you want to achieve, and what you want to reader to do. Once you know what you’re trying to achieve, it will make it easier to write content that supports that end.

(On this note, I’ve created a free guide to help you with your sales copywriting planning. To get your copy, simply subscribe to the Copy Dojo newsletter and you can download it.)

Take a Critical Look At Your Writing

When you’ve finished writing your sales copy, take a moment to ask yourself these questions when looking at your copy:

  • Who cares?
  • So what?
  • What’s in it for me? (your reader)

Did your sales copy answer these questions well?

Final Thoughts

Hypnotic Writing discussed the elements of what makes writing hypnotic to the reader, and also covered the important aspects of good copywriting. All in all this is an excellent book which I would strongly recommend if you’re looking for ways to enhance your sales copywriting skills.

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