Here’s How to Write Customer Focused Sales Copy

Every day I speak with clients who find it really challenging to write sales copy which speaks directly to what their customers and prospects want to hear. And in fairness, I get it. It’s not always easy to do.

But if we continue to focus on this – how we make our content more appealing to our customers and prospects – we will win. We’ll beat our competitors. Our content will stand out (and theirs won’t).

Continuing this focus on writing from your customer’s perspective, I want to share a great example from Deliveroo. If you’re not already familiar with Deliveroo, they’re a British online food delivery company with operations across Europe.

Looking at their sales copy you’ll immediately get a sense of how they focus on their customer’s needs, wants and desires. Their sales copy is simple, and sometimes simple gets the job done.

Let’s Begin

Arriving at the main Deliveroo page, you can already see how different it is.

Minimal text, beautiful images, but their sales copy is front and centre. And it’s obvious what they want you to do.

Deliveroo sales copy 1

Lower down the page, they speak to a desire of their target customers – to have ‘the best’.

In a subtle way they’re suggesting that you have good taste (sorry, pun intended) if you also like the restaurants they’ve selected.

Deliveroo sales copy 2

Continuing to scroll down the page, another benefit is shared: they can deliver your food quickly:

Deliveroo sales copy 3

Further down the page, they make their value proposition really clear: their delivery costs are low, fixed and transparent.

And they also lead us to a conclusion in their headline – that their pricing is simple (which it is).


Deliveroo sales copy 4Deliveroo knows what they’re doing, they dish out (ok I’m really sorry about that one, it was totally uncalled for) some good sales copy, complete with another benefit and some social proof:

Deliveroo sales copy 7

Of course, no website would be complete without some testimonials, which of course they have as well.

They also imply their customers are part of a tribe, united by their passion for great food. You either want to be part of their tribe, or you don’t. And this ties into a psychological need we all have – to be part of a community.

Deliveroo sales copy 5

Finally we reach the bottom of their main page, and you can see they’ve tactfully also addressed other prospective audiences – restaurants and delivery people.

Deliveroo sales copy 6

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve taken away some useful ideas from Deliveroo’s sales copy. As you can see, they’ve used many of the foundation tactics of sales copy (clear calls to action, testimonials, simple writing).

But more importantly, they’ve addressed some deeper needs their customers have, such as belonging to a tribe. They’ve even used a bit of flattery in their sales copy.

And from start to finish, their sales copy is focused on their customer. That’s something we all need to be reminded of.

If we were to look at your website, is it as focused on your customer? If not, what’s stopping you from making these changes?  

What’s the hard part about targeting your website content on your customers needs, wants and desires?

If you need any help honing your message, feel free to contact us.

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Eric Moeller is the Managing Director of Copy Dojo, an agency which helps startups improve their sales copywriting to rapidly grow their business. He has two decades of experience in high tech marketing and product management. Eric has an MBA in marketing, and completed Seth Godin's altMBA in the summer of 2015.

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