How many of these great copywriting ideas do you know?

Copywriting tips from ‘100 Great Copywriting Ideas’ Andy Maslen’s 100 Great Copywriting Ideas provides a good overview of copywriting techniques if you are new to copywriting, or if you are experienced with copywriting and want a quick refresher. The book presented one main idea per section (they weren’t full chapters) which made the content easy to…

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Want to write better sales headlines? Read Tested Advertising Methods.

If you’re serious about improving your sales copywriting skills, you absolutely must read Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples. Don’t be fooled by the generic sounding title, it’s filled with lots of great ideas for improving your sales copy. Where the book really stands out is telling you how to write effective headlines. Writing an effective headline…

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Introducing a new way to master sales copywriting skills

Welcome to the Copy Dojo, a place to learn and develop your sales copywriting skills, to take you from zero to copywriting hero. I plan to read and share the insights from top books on sales copywriting, will share best practises and examples you can learn from, and by putting myself through copywriting experiments and…

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