Copywriting Insights from Andy Maslen

andy maslen

Here we are with the fourth guest Q&A with noted copywriter and author, Andy Maslen. For those that don’t already know Andy, he is the author of five books on copywriting: Write to Sell, 100 Great Copywriting Ideas, The Copywriting Sourcebook, Write Copy Make Money and Persuasive Copywriting (due out March 2015). I always enjoy Andy’s writing, so let’s crack…

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Copywriting Insights from Joseph Sugarman

joseph sugarman

Welcome to the next guest blog in this series, this time with direct marketing legend Joseph Sugarman. He was founder of the JS&A Group and is the author of a number of amazing books on sales copywriting, including The Adweek Copywriting Handbook and Triggers. His writing on psychological triggers will definitely get you thinking about sales copy very differently.…

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Copywriting Insights from Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird EADIM

It is with great pleasure I share with you the second guest Q&A blog post with Drayton Bird (if you haven’t read the first one, with Roger Horberry, click here). If you who don’t already know who Drayton Bird is, he is perhaps the best known and respected direct marketer in the UK, having worked with many…

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Copywriting Insights from Roger Horberry

This will be the first in a series of Q&A blog posts with a number of accomplished copywriters and authors of books on copywriting. This first guest Q&A is with Roger Horberry, author of a number of books on copywriting, including his recently released book Read Me (co-written with Gyles Lingwood). Roger is a copywriter,…

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Small Businesses: Avoid This Mistake in Your Website Copy

I recently wanted to purchase something from a local shop. Before deciding to visit the shop in person, I wanted to know more about the products they sold. So I searched for their website. When I went to the product information page on their website I saw these words: I couldn’t believe it. The product…

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How to Become a Sales Copy Idea Machine

If you find it challenging to come up with ideas for writing sales copy, here are three suggestions to become an idea machine and make generating ideas easier. 1) Exercise Your “Creativity Muscle” Daily This idea comes from James Altucher, who suggests that creativity, like a muscle, will atrophy without use, so you want to…

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Use These Psychology Tactics in Your Sales Copy

This is part two of the summary from the Professional Copywriters’ Network Conference in London (if you haven’t read part one yet, go here). Rory Sutherland discussed Behavioural economics, which is the study of how customers think, how they decide and ultimately what drives them to action to make a purchase. How you arrange choices…

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Why You Should Use Storytelling in Your Copy

On 26 September 2014 I attended the Professional Copywriters’ Network Conference in London. While I don’t want to write a field trip report, there were some valuable ideas presented which I’d like to share so you can use them in your business. The will be the first of two posts sharing some of the key…

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Did Fiverr just make this narcissistic copywriting mistake? Ouch. They Did.

I’ve been using for a while now when I’ve needed help with different projects, and I receive their customer newsletters from time to time. You can imagine my complete shock and dismay (ok, I’m hamming it up a bit, but humour me) when I received this in my Inbox: I can hear your gasps…

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Harnessing the power of testimonials to build your credibility


Testimonials can be an effective credibility enhancer for individuals, solopreneurs and businesses. If you’re not already continually seeking new testimonials, you need to make it a habit to better support your sales efforts. Why you need testimonials If they are genuine and truthful, testimonials can be an amazing way to build credibility and trust with…

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