Should You Hide the Price in Your Sales Copy?


I was recently asked why some sales letters hide the price of the product or service in their sales copy. To see the price you have to first click the ‘add to cart’ button. The question from this Copy Dojo reader was ‘why would someone want to conceal their price in their sales copy?’ Why…

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Avoid This Subject Line Mistake

no newsletter

There I was. Innocently checking my email inbox, when I saw it.  An email had arrived with the subject line “Winter Newsletter”. “If only I could have reached them sooner” I thought to myself, “I could have saved them from this headline mistake…” Email open rates and click rates are dropping. Marketers need to try…

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Content Marketing: Old Wine in a New Bottle

Chateau du Content Marketing label

Interest in content marketing has grown considerably over the past few years, and many businesses have rushed in to participate. “You do content marketing? Hey, we do content marketing too!” While it’s great that businesses are trying to embrace this approach, much of the output of content marketing hasn’t been at the level of quality…

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Is Your Retargeting Campaign Scaring Customers Away?


Imagine, you meet someone at a social event. “He/she’s nice” you think to yourself, and then you leave the party. As you drive home, you see a car in the lane beside you. The driver is staring at you – it’s the person from the party! You look away. “How’d they find me?!” you think…

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10 Reasons You Need to Start a Mastermind Group in 2015

Mastermind people

Starting a mastermind group can provide new and experienced entrepreneurs with amazing opportunities to grow and develop themselves and their business. If you haven’t participated in a mastermind group before, or aren’t currently participating in one, here are 10 reasons you need to start your own mastermind group this year. 1. Keeps you accountable We…

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The Power of Scarcity

TEDxExeter logo

Scarcity can be a powerful motivator in your sales copy. We all know that, right? Sadly we sometimes see scarcity used to manipulate, but it doesn’t have to be used that way. It can also be a tool for businesses with good intentions to get their interested and willing audience of customers to take action. I…

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3 Copywriting Lessons from Apple

There’s no shortage of good and bad copy we can learn from. In this example, I’ll point out some good (and simple) copywriting techniques Apple uses. I’d been prompted a few times to update my operating system to the new version. After ignoring the first few pop-up messages, I decided to take a look and see what…

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Copywriting Insights from Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne

In this next guest post, we will be treated to some copywriting insights from noted copywriter and author Nick Usborne. Nick is the author of a number books on copywriting, including Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy. I recently read Net Words and it has had a big impact on how I write web copy. Nick…

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Copywriting Insights from Andy Maslen

andy maslen

Here we are with the fourth guest Q&A with noted copywriter and author, Andy Maslen. For those that don’t already know Andy, he is the author of five books on copywriting: Write to Sell, 100 Great Copywriting Ideas, The Copywriting Sourcebook, Write Copy Make Money and Persuasive Copywriting (due out March 2015). I always enjoy Andy’s writing, so let’s crack…

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Copywriting Insights from Joseph Sugarman

joseph sugarman

Welcome to the next guest blog in this series, this time with direct marketing legend Joseph Sugarman. He was founder of the JS&A Group and is the author of a number of amazing books on sales copywriting, including The Adweek Copywriting Handbook and Triggers. His writing on psychological triggers will definitely get you thinking about sales copy very differently.…

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